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Autonomous mobile Servicerobots
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Welcome at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim Research Center for Servicerobotics

The ZAFH Autonomous Mobile Servicerobots is a project for developing intelligent mobile robots. It is runned by a network of three Universities of Applied Sciences and aided by the land of Baden-Württemberg.

Service robots shall very soon autonomously provide services in all spheres of life. They have to execute demanding and complex tasks in a dynamic environment, collaborate with human users in a natural and intuitive way and adapt themselves to varying conditions. Acting in an everyday life environment imposes great demands on the engineering and development process. Although matured algorithms and solutions exist for subproblems, a methodology to open a systematic engineering approach for service robotic applications is still missing.
Thus, this project aims at developing a methodology for building service robotic systems. The major approach is to extend and merge separated techniques under the objective of suitability for daily use. The overall goal is to substantially facilitate development of autonomous mobile service robots.

The University of Applied Siences Mannehim is involved with two of altogether six subprojects.

Information-optimized object recognition (Prof. Dr. Wirnitzer)
Information-optimized object recognition implies reducing measured data to a minimum by real-time object classification. The reduction takes place very close to sensor at a early point in time. Standard image and signal processing algorithms and new adaptive methods are integrated to a toolbox.

Adaptive real-time image processing (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ihme)
State of the art automatic image processing systems are mostly designed for very specific applications. Often they are too inflexible. Recognizing coloured objects with arbitrary shapes in real-time is impletented via so called Anytime-Tasks. Processing output availability is enhanced with the help of predictive signal processing algorithms and Anytime-Tasks according to the slogan "better imprecise than no information".

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